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Friday, February 11
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Malaysia’s biggest Education Malaysia Information Day is coming to Jeddah! Come meet us in person at WA Hotel, Jeddah on 12th November at 4pm to 9pm. Attend our physical expo and find the university of your dreams today!


In case you missed out on our biggest education expo in Jeddah, meet us at the Centro Olaya, Riyadh on 14th November at 4pm to 9pm and discover education options for undergraduates and postgraduates alike.


The Biggest Education Malaysia Information Day is returning to Madinah! Meet us at our physical expo on the 16th November from 4pm to 9pm at the Le Meridien, Medina and speak to representatives from world ranked universities.

Meet Us In Person!

Explore the wonders of our expo, visit the fair for face-to-face counselling as well as discover amazing opportunities Malaysia has to offer. Register now for EXPRESS ENTRY when you meet us IN PERSON at our expo!

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Yes2Malaysia Fusion Expo 2022

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EMGA has given free flight tickets, electronic gadgets to students and many other rewards. Allow our team of counsellors to help your interests and find the perfect university for you!

We can’t wait to see you at the WA Hotel, Jeddah on the 12th November 2022, Centro Olaya, Riyadh on the 14th November and Le Meridien, Medina on the 16th November! See you soon 🙂

Register now for EXPRESS ENTRY when you meet us IN PERSON at our expo!

PS: Do note that all your data will be used purely for registration purposes only.

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Come & Meet representatives from top Malaysian universities and foreign branch campuses.

Participating Universities

Discover additional benefits of attending our Yes2Malaysia Fusion Expo 2022

What To Expect?

Explore 1000+ programmes

Browse through our virtual platform to save brochures, forms and collateral for sharing and future reading.

Plan your education pathway

Speak directly at the booth or chat online via LiveChat with our Malaysian university representatives during the expo!

Submit your application for free

Submit your application for free during the expo. *Selected universities only.

Explore scholarships & bursaries

Find out different options we have in financing your studies during the expo.

Study . Invest . Live

Why just stop at education? Malaysia has plenty to offer!

Excited for our next expo? We have something special in store! Tropicana is a top developer in Malaysia with vibrant offerings, which you can now explore at our Info Day.

Why just stop at education? Malaysia has plenty to offer! Parents can explore possibilities of investing and living in Malaysia alongside improving their children's future.

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2 days of counselling.


Destination For International Degrees
You’ll be surrounded by a diverse group of people with a variety academic programs at affordable prices. Explore degree options that allow students to study in Malaysia and receive accredited certificates from partner universities in Australia, Canada, USA and UK.

High Quality of Life
at Low Cost

Western students are often amazed by how low the living expenses in Malaysia are. As an international student, you can live comfortably with just about 1100 MYR a month, inclusive of food, accommodation, and expenses.

No Language Barriers

Malay and English are the most spoken languages, with a majority of universities conducting their lectures in English. Furthermore, there are many language centres and higher education institutions that offer basic English courses for those who are not proficient in English.

Why Malaysia?

With all the natural attractions, rich culture and gorgeous scenery, Malaysia is one of the best destination for any international student looking for a new experience for their studies. Learn more here!

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